Monday, February 13, 2012

Wondering Outloud

What happened to George Michael?  Such a voice, talent - seems like he hasn't put any new music out in a while and today I find myself listening to his music over and over again. 

This lack of winter is getting to me, deep in my soul.  I need cold weather, snow and a period of hibernation.  This year I am getting constant spring with warmer days and an inability to relax.  Not sleeping well at night, hot all the time and exhaustion brings with it depression. 

Cooking most days is a solace.  Easy dishes make me happiest and I spend my days lately making soups, pies, breads.  I don't care much about the news, spending more time reading cooking blogs, books, recipes.  Today I am too depressed for even that activity.

Is this what happens as we get older? We realize how futile our existence is, how little we mean in the grand scheme of things and we wish we had paid more attention when we were younger to our dreams?