Monday, February 18, 2013

Winter Storms

Last year we had no winter at all to speak of and this year we seem to be in the throws of a schizophrenic one here.  I know many people like less winter but I grew up when younger in the Berkshires where 2 feet of snow is a fairly regular occurrence so I want cold, snowy storms.  Especially here on the ocean where we get next to no snow. 

Yesterday we had a rare day of beauty but the real winner was the weekend prior when we had what every forecaster in America was calling a blizzard.  Don't get me wrong it was a great storm but I remember the Blizzard of 1978 as all New Englanders do (I was in Worcester by that point in my journey where it was ugly) and this storm did not compare to that one (or the storm of 2003 for that matter).  I went out during the New Moon High Tide to get shots of the Coastal Flooding and it was really awesome to see the fury of Mother Nature (tip: If the State Police have the road closed don't walk past them and go right up to the sea wall unless you want to get dinged in the head by rocks, shells, etc. We see it every storm). 

Here are a few shots including one where you can see the flooding coming up towards our house:

Since then the temps have gone up and down - 40* two days after the storm and today we have a high of 27*.  Crazy weather that makes people like me nuts and is seriously hampering my cooking in the kitchen.  I am hoping to get a beef stew together this afternoon - something that will cook itself so Statguy can eat. 

For all you winter haters here's a picture of what's to come soon: